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"The Best Drama Workshops I have ever seen!"

South Charnwood High School

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Key Stage 4

Macbeth Workshop - KS4

NEW workshop to support the 2012/13 GCSE specifications.

Our professional actor/workshop leaders visit your school to lead this dynamic, enthralling session directly supporting GCSE studies.

60 or 120-minute sessions available examining Shakespeare's classic in detail.

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An Inspector Calls - KS4

Bringing the text to life, Speakeasy's actor/workshop leaders examine Priestley's classic in this one hour workshop designed to enhance GCSE studies of the text. Examining the characters, we question the political undertones within the piece, and apply the students thoughts and opinions in the staging of extracts from the play.

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Key Stage 3/4

Merchant of Venice - KS3, KS4

Utilising rehearsed extracts with our professional actor/workshop leaders, we explore the desires and motivations of the central characters of Shakespeare's classic. Looking closely at the character of Shylock, this workshop can be tailored to suit KS3 or KS4 studies of the text.

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Romeo and Juliet - KS3, KS4

Our professional actor/workshop leaders visit your school to lead this dynamic, enthralling session directly supporting the KS3 curriculum. Featuring rehearsed extracts, analysis of the text, and questioning how the play should be staged, this fantastic workshop brings Shakespeare's text to life.

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Consequences - KS3, KS4

Drug and Alcohol workshop for years 8 to 10. 60 or 120 minute versions available. Using drama to create simple scenarios the young people are encouraged to share and develop their knowledge, and opinions about drugs and their consequences within society.

Covering elements from year 8-10 PSHE units this thought-provoking workshop encourages debate about the consequences of substance misuse.

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Key Stage 2

Teamwork Workshops - KS2, KS3

60 or 120 minute sessions for year 6/7, raising teamwork and co-operation skills. Ideal for Summer schools, activities weeks, PSHE or drama days. Developed from many years of using drama games and exercises in school, this fun and active session encourages children to think about what team work means and how it can aid their learning.

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Into The Rainforest - KS2

Join Jayne as she researches the animals and people that live in the rainforest. Who is cutting down the trees and why? Exploring elements of year 4 science and geography units, this exciting interactive piece encourages children to utilise speaking, listening and teamwork skills to resolve the dilemmas of the rainforest. Will you find the elusive Yanomami tribe

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Anti-Bullying Workshops - KS2

A fantastic participatory drama workshop designed to safely explore the key issues of bullying. Originally developed from special projects with two Leicester City Primary Schools, this fantastic workshop can be booked as one-off or series of workshops. By creating a safe environment the young people are encouraged to explore how bullying affects others through the use of characters and drama exercises. The materials developed during the workshop(s) can also be used to make anti-bullying themed displays and presentations to disseminate the message throughout the school.

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Tudor Times - KS2

An incredible interactive workshop allowing year 3/4 to explore Tudor life first hand. Through exploring a Tudor house, the children meet Lady Catherine and her servant John, who help them discover what it was truly like to live in Tudor times. Explores elements of year 3/4 history through live characters and projected media.

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The Pyramid Of Ra - KS2

Journey through the desert and into the pyramids with the mysterious explorer Carter. Can you help him find the last piece of the Pharaoh's treasure? Covering elements of year 3/4 history, this inspirational learning experience combines live characters and projected media to explore the Ancient Egyptian way of life.

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Adras The Greek - KS2

Join the puzzle-loving Athenian Adras, in this character-led interactive workshop aimed at year 3/4. Travel back to 500BC and explore life in Ancient Greece, tour the city of Athens, take part in an Olympic chariot race and much more...
Perfect as an introduction to Ancient Greek civilisation, this fun-filled workshop is packed with things to see and do.

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Key Stages 1 & 2

The Treasure of Captain Red - KS1, KS2

Join Captain Red in a swashbuckling Maths adventure across the seven seas. Enlisting the young people as members of his Pirate Crew, Red transports us into a world of adventure in search of the legendary treasure of Old Greybeard. Our crew must work together to outwit the Mathematical traps and Numerical tricks which stand between them and the treasure they seek.

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World War 2 - KS1, KS2

Shelter as the sirens sound in this thrilling look at life in World War 2. Hear Jack's story of children evacuated to the country as we see what life was like in wartime Britain. A fun and informative look at the topic of World War 2 from a human perspective. What will you sacrifice to use your rations wisely?

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Ancient Olympics - KS1, KS2

A fantastic, interactive workshop exploring the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece. This inspirational workshop links in with the current history curriculum for Key Stages 1 & 2, as well as celebrating the recent London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Numeracy Pirates - KS1, KS2

This superb interactive workshop enlists your Pupils as a strangely Mathematical pirate crew. Along with fellow pirate Jacob Nutt, the crew must set sail to a Treasure Island, but, can they make it safely home? A range of Mathematical problems must be overcome in order to retrieve their treasure, and find their way home.

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Talking Tales - Foundation

A series of fantastic workshops based on popular Fairy Tales for Foundation age children. Interactive story-telling techniques bring the characters to life, and encourage the children to take an active part in the story, advising Red Riding Hood on how to stay safe, trying to wake Sleeping Beauty, discussing behavioural issues with Goldilocks, escaping the Giant with Jack, or even outwitting Rumpelstiltskin as he spins straw into gold.

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What's in the case? - SEN

A tried and tested 30 minute drama session designed for Autism Specific Classes at Oaklands School. These wonderful sessions are specifically designed to encourage communication in Autism Specific Classes of non-verbal children. A fun, exploratory workshop led by the pace of the participants.

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Annie the Astronaut - SEN

Join Annie on an exhilarating voyage to the mysterious Green Planet. A brilliant interactive story featuring performers from Movers, Leicester's Learning Disabled Theatre Company. Using Speakeasy's wealth of knowledge of working in Special School settings a fantastic, fun journey is created which encourages engagement and participation for all abilities. 45 - 60 minute sessions.

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Movers Day - SEN

Fantastic taster drama sessions for Special Schools. Join Speakeasy and Leicester's Learning Disabled Theatre Company, Movers in a series of fun drama activities suitable for a range of abilities. Available as 60-120 minute taster sessions for multiple classes, or more intensive work with one group throughout the day.

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These are just a few examples of the kinds of work that Speakeasy are able to offer Schools. We also pride ourselves on our ability to create new and exciting bespoke projects.

You can contact us to discuss how we could help your school.