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Forgotten Fragments

Adam wants to paint but has run out of ideas. Bridget knows there's magic in everything…so why can't Adam see it?

Welcome to the 2008 show devised and performed by Movers, Leicester's Theatre Company for adults with a Learning Disability. Since the group's debut show 'Acceptance Avenue' which was launched at the Phoenix Arts Centre in 2005, they have gone from strength to strength.

'Forgotten Fragments' is the first Movers performance not to feature a Non–Learning Disabled actor on stage. What makes the show so special is it is generated entirely from the groups ideas and creative interests.

"Fantastic show- loved it. Such talent!"

"A beautiful production- great stuff!"

Audience comments from Movers' show 'Next of Kin'

Here are a selection of the great photos that were taken when they performed at the Peepul Centre, Leicester, as part of their tour of East Midland's venues.

If you can forget your fear, then some magic will appear...

Photos: Stuart Hollis at www.hollisphotography.com

Movers are helped by Speakeasy Theatre Company and Embrace Arts at the RA Centre working in partnership.