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Into the Rainforest

"Excellent- a very fast moving unit... I liked the way children were asked genuine issues without being too obviously 'rail-roaded' into making their decision"

Eyres Monsell Primary School

An interactive workshop for years 3/4 looking at life in the rainforest.

Join Jayne as she researches the wildlife and tribes of the rainforest. Can you help her find the elusive Yanomami tribe, forced deep into the rainforest by encroaching loggers?

Covering elements of year 4 geography and science units this inspirational learning experience encourages children to use speaking, listening and teamwork skills to learn about life in the rainforest.

  • What kinds of animals live in the rainforest?
  • How do people affect the environment?
  • What different opinions are there about logging in the rainforest?

Originally developed with Creative Partnerships Leicester & Eyres Monsell Primary School.

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