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Below are some testimonials from people who we have previously worked with.

"I think one of the most telling things that struck me from the year's work with Speakeasy is the simple fact that Wednesday, the day where Speakeasy work with my class, is by far the best attended day of our school week. I have asked for a printout of our attendances for the year and the margin is quite pronounced. The children will tell me how much they enjoy the sessions but this is hard data that cannot be denied. It therefore has the knock-on effect that they are necessarily at school for other lessons which can only help." — Year 3/4 Teacher, Eyres Monsell Primary School

"I was very impressed with the whole project. All students made excellent progress throughout the course. Staff from Speakeasy and Movers made good relationships with the students and were able to tailor the sessions to the needs of the group. They also made excellent relationships with staff from Birkett House. All sessions were excellent with many outstanding." - Teacher, Birkett House Special School

"Many, many positive responses from the students the following day."

"Excellent! The work was pitched at the right level and all the students responded well in the question and answer sessions. Many, many positive responses from the students the following day. You were inspiring for all of us!" — New College, Leicester

"The School's (Eyres Monsell Primary School) use of Creative Partnership funding to support learning through drama is an exciting venture. In the session observed, pupil skills in speaking and listening, problem solving and collaborative and teamworking were promoted and developed effectively. Pupils were engaged motivated and excited… High expectations and high pupil participation made this an outstanding session." — IAPPS Co-ordinator, Leicester City Council Learning Services

"...an outstanding session."

"Speakeasy made vital contributions to planning, school consultancy and workshop aspects of the project… schools, youth groups and organisers were unreserved in their appreciation of Speakeasy's input." — Northants Curriculum Advisor for Drama

"Speakeasy ran two ten-week drama courses for a group of students from the Broadview Centre, Gateway College, who have physical and learning disabilities. The workshop leader enabled the students to think creatively, use ideas and initiative, work co-operatively in groups and progress in their use of the stage and technical equipment. He formed good relationships with the students who liked his gentle manner. He recognised the needs of the students and was particularly good in drawing out the less confident members of the group." — Skills Development Tutor, The Broadview Centre, Gateway College, Leicester

"It was a great success, and proved an effective and popular way of working with young people."

"Speakeasy Theatre Co worked with Leicester City Social Services Department on a forum theatre production for a consultation event aimed at the city's 'Looked After' children and young people. The production was designed and scripted on request, specifically around care issues, with both sensitivity and creativity. It was a great success, and proved an effective and popular way of working with young people." — Leicester City Council Social Services

"Any teacher worth their salt will have taken something from that day… The buzz around the staff room, even the next day, I was sitting listening to conversations about what they have thought about since and things they were going to do and what they really enjoyed about it… The simple success of the day made everyone buzz about it and want to do something again… Speakeasy were fantastic at communication. What else can I say? Every single member of staff has said that they enjoyed it, that they felt challenged, they took something from it. That's because it was so clear and all of the staff saw the purpose behind it." — Year 3/4 Teacher, St. Barnabas School

"Speakeasy were fantastic at communication."

"Excellent - credible characters who transported the children effortlessly into another world. The children worked well for two hours, they were engrossed. Very real issues were dealt with-issues that are a problem already in some areas of our catchment." — Norbriggs Primary School, Derbyshire

"I was very impressed with the structure of the event- the interaction of the children was ideal to gauge their thoughts about health issues. Speakeasy were very helpful pre-performance. The event encouraged the pupils to think for themselves - a good way to learn!" — Amber Valley Borough Council

"This was an excellent project."

"The presentation was excellent. Pupils stayed on task throughout and follow up work with the class teacher indicated that they had retained information well. This was an excellent project." — Belvoir High School

"It is excellent to see how drama can really bring children out of themselves and make learning fun." — Year 1/2 Teacher, Eyres Monsell Primary School