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The Pyramid of Ra

"A well-paced interactive and interesting teaching experience"

St Mary's Fields School, Leicester

An interactive workshop for years 3/4 looking at the Ancient Egyptians

On a journey through the desert, the children meet an explorer named Carter. With Carter's help the children must solve a series of riddles and tasks to enter the pyramid and the Pharaoh's tomb within. Can they solve the riddles? Will they save the last piece of the Pharaoh's treasure?

Covering elements of key stage 2 history this inspirational learning experience encourages children to use speaking, listening and teamwork skills to learn about life in ancient Egypt.

  • What was life like in ancient Egypt?
  • How long ago did the Ancient Egyptians live?
  • Who were the Pharaohs?
  • What are Hieroglyphs?
  • What can objects from the past tell us about life in Ancient Egypt?

Originally developed with Creative Partnerships Leicester & Eyres Monsell primary School

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"The children enjoyed imagining themselves going into a pyramid. They enjoyed trying to solve the name (of the Pyramid)... using the Egyptian letters."

Eyres Monsell Primary School, Leicester

"Wicked", "Fabulous"

Pupil's comments, St Mary's Primary, Hinckley