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The Sorting Office

What is the Sorting Office?

A place where letters come and go.

A place where messages go astray.

A dark place where things go in, but may not come out...

'The Sorting Office' was Movers' 2009 - 2010 show, touring the midlands and beyond. Building on the success of 'Forgotten Fragments', 'The Sorting Office' was once again entirely devised and performed by the cast of ten Learning Disabled Performers.


"Amazing performers"

"Brilliant to watch"

"The show was really good, it really held my attention – I loved the music too"

Audience comments from Movers' show 'The Sorting Office'

Here are a selection of photos from the show's official launch at The Richard Attenborough Centre at the start of their 2009/10 tour.

Photos: Stuart Hollis at www.hollisphotography.com

Movers are helped by Speakeasy Theatre Company and

Embrace Arts working in partnership.