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Tudor Times

"A really engaging workshop which encouraged the children to put forward some excellent questions... The workshop was particularly effective at highlighting and contrasting the differences in lifestyle and status of the rich and poor in Tudor England."

Lyppard Grange Primary, Worcester

An interactive workshop for years 3/4 looking at Tudor Life.

Travelling back into Tudor times, the children must explore the house of Lady Catherine. Through discovering her servant John, the children uncover the differences in rich and poor society in Tudor times.

Covering elements of year 3/4 history this inspirational learning experience encourages children to use speaking, listening and teamwork skills to learn about life in Tudor times.

  • What was life like for rich people in Tudor times?
  • What was life like for poor people in Tudor times?
  • How does Tudor life differ from life today?

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"The Children enjoyed exploring a different time. It was excellent having Tudor artefacts and images on the projector to help children to visualise Tudor times."

Eyres Monsell Primary School